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About us

Oluşum Surgical Instruments Industry and Trading Limited Company which is a leading surgical Instruments manufacturer and distributor in Turkey serves in health sector since 2003. The convenience of the “Quality Assurance System” of Oluşum Surgical Instruments for DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 ve DIN EN ISO 13485-2003 standards has been approved by Quality Austria

Our products have been produced in accordance with CE directives which means importation and use permit of medical devices in European Union countries.

Oluşum Surgical Instruments presents products in a large scope by applying the Total Quality Management System firmly in all stages of production from the design of the product to the service after sales. Main production fields are surgical hand Instruments for all branches, sterile container systems and hospital clogs.

Oluşum Surgical Instruments, which serves in health sector within all cities of the country, since its foundation- works without compromising by aiming at perfection and full customer satisfaction at its production plants in Samsun which are fully-equipped with highly-technological devices. Oluşum Surgical Instruments,by providing attendance to the sectoral fairs organized within the country or abroad, have been introducing its new products to the customers and determining the demands of the customers.

In order to adapt the ever-changing competitive atmosphere and cover the demands of the customers, the presence of specialized staff, use of technological developments, methods and quality raw materials during the manufacturing process will provide Oluşum Surgical Instruments with continuation of its superior status and a place in world market and fast growth.

Oluşum Surgical Instruments will continue to serve as a leading and reliable company in the health sector in accordance with the quality assurance in international standards, social responsibility manners, environmentally-conscious principles and customer satisfaction.

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